Prof. Orlando A. Fernandez, MSA
                 Acting Superintendent


Since 2010, MSU-Lanao Norte Agricultural College has been rebuilding and developing its campus. It has tried its best to revitalize after many years of experiencing very slow changes if not stagnant state of progress. With the present administrator, a new hope is born. Many impossible things happened in such a short time of administration. Evidence shows that changes for the better have been taking place. Part of its motivation to grow and develop into an autonomous campus, is its aspiration to become a Center of Excellence and Development in Agriculture and other Disciplines. It also aims to compliment the MSU System Vision: Mindanao State University System: A World Class University in Southern Philippines. Through its efforts, the campus administration earned appreciation and recognition from the community and successfully gained cooperation, coordination and support from the officials of MSUS and CHED in particular. This has helped the campus in implementing the core functions of the University; Instruction, Research, Extension and Production. The guidance, mentoring and supervision of the MSU Main Campus have made all these developments possible. As MSU-LNAC starts to experience better changes and progress, it willingly continues to achieve for more. It is proud to present and share to the public its plans, activities, and projects that were successfully accomplished in 2012 and will take place in the days and years to come.